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Spring Chickens,
Should I Go or Should I Stay

April 22nd 2016
Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park

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Time for Babies in Montana

June 3rd 2015
Banff and Lake Louise

May 28th 2015
Discover Hidden Lake

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Kootenai Falls and Memorial Day

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Growing Geese From Day 1

June 6th 2014
Discover the Southern Oregon Coast

March. 6th 2014
Our Generation
Backwards and Forwards

Jan. 7th 2014
River Frost

Nov. 29th 2013
Pictured Rock Tours

Nov. 8th 2013
Black River Trail

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Goats on the Farm Day One

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A Day's Fishing

July 26th 2013
Trail of the Cedars

July 19th 2013
Twin Falls

July 26th 2013
Hidden Lake Trail

July 19th 2013
Going To The Sun Road

May 3rd 2013
The Waterfalls

March 7th 2013
Evening Elk Visit

Feb. 8th 2013
Dressed For Winter

Jan. 4th 2013
Celebrate with Lights

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Today, the backyard chicken craze is sweeping the country, especially as demand for organically locally grown foods increases. Some people want their children to know where their food comes from. They start out thinking they'll get just a few spring chickens but when the fever hits them, they end up adding more or unusual breeds.

Becca and Mocka

Like many people, we let our chickens roam in the daytime, putting them in their coop at night. It's important to build a secure coop, especially along the bottom.

I get a kick out of them chasing each other around the yard. My impression of chickens is they're a lot smarter than people give them credit for, and yes, they all have their own personalities. They follow you around; they'll talk to you, and they always want what you have.

Spring Chickens

We ordered 44 chicks this spring, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rock and White Rocks, 11 of each.

Jan. 20th 2012 update: The seven hens that we have chosen to keep have been giving us 5 eggs a day for three months now. That's a whopping 450 eggs.


Music "Should I Go or Should I Stay" from Black Stack

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