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April 22nd 2016
Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park

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Banff and Lake Louise

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River Frost

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The Waterfalls

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Evening Elk Visit

Feb. 8th 2013
Dressed For Winter

Jan. 4th 2013
Celebrate with Lights

DeerLake Video Archives

Morning Frost
on the Flathead River


Translucent frost crystals scatter light in several directions at once making a coat of frost appear white.

Hoarfrost on tree limbs

Morning in Nature

The fog is lifting
For the night is done
Now the world is lit
By the morning suns

The soft silence
And the darkness gloom
Is replaced by the beauty
Of Nature's living room

The restless wind
And streams that flow along
Combine to play a symphony
Of Nature's song

The creatures are stirring
The birds start to sing
Morning in Nature
is a beautiful thing

Morning in Nature by Joel T Bailey

Hoar Frost on park bench

Hoar Frost on the Flathead River

When frost forms as tiny ice crystals covering the ground, we just call it all frost.
But sometimes the frost grains grow larger and are called hoarfrost crystals.
Hoarfrost grows whenever it's cold outside and there is a sufficient source of water vapor nearby.
Riverbeds and small ponds can provide wonderful sources in which hoarfrost can accumulate.


Hoarfrost on baby fir trees

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