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April 22nd 2016
Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park

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Discover the Southern Oregon Coast

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Trail of the Cedars

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Hidden Lake Trail

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Going To The Sun Road

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The Waterfalls

March 7th 2013
Evening Elk Visit

Feb. 8th 2013
Dressed For Winter

Jan. 4th 2013
Celebrate with Lights

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Discovering the Southern Oregon Coast


Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille Lighthouse Plaque

Shore Acres State Park near Coos Bay, perched on rugged sandstone cliffs high above the ocean, Shore Acres State Park is an exciting and unexpected combination of beautiful natural and constructed features. That’s exactly what you get when you visit Shore Acres State Park, south of Coos Bay and North Bend. “The park rangers do a really good job keeping the park up." Shore Acres started as a private estate on a bluff looking out over the Pacific Ocean. Originally the park was owned by pioneer timber baron, Louis J. Simpson. The state of Oregon purchased the estate in 1942. Since then the park has been re-imaged into one of the lesser-known jewels on the Oregon Coast. The park has two main areas, the bluff and overlook and the garden area. When you enter the park, there is a large picnic area. During summer days you can have lunch or enjoy the sun, while looking out over the relatively flat Pacific Ocean.

Becca on the Southern Coast of Oregon

Grab your buckets, shovels and creative ideas, kick off your shoes and take a stroll on the beach at Seven Devils Wayside. Along the way pick up shells, small pieces of driftwood and ocean-polished pebbles. In the fall and winter, waves crash against the sandstone bluffs, spraying ocean water hundreds of feet into the air.

Port Orford southern Oregon Coast

Lunch at the Crazy Norwegians, 259 6th St (Hwy 101) in Port Orford. Really good fish & chips, with their famously unique clam chowder. Local ambiance. I was told they are one of the Top Ten Best Fish & Chips on the West Coast.

The rock formations are more then interesting and at times you feel as if you are lost in time. Seals and sea lions swimming and playing, and of course in the spring, they are all soaking up the sun (with babies in tow), as if nothing in the world would dare to bother them. Birds such as osprey, cormorants, puffins, pelicans and gulls are regular visitors.

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