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At Izaak Walton Inn, it's time for the Snow Rodeo! The beautiful setting is the middle of the rocky mountains, off Hwy 2 in Montana.
They have goat roping, barrel races, and I'm not sure what they called it, but they had an inflated inner tube that they tied a red bandanna to. They would roll the tube down the hill and the contestant would have to ski down the hill and catch the tube pulling the flag. The clock didn't stop until the red flag was in the air, or on the ground.
For the barrel racing they would ski (or snow shoe) up a slight hill, through a gate, then around 1 barrel and downhill to the 2nd barrel, around that and a slight uphill to the 3rd and last barrel. Once they make it around that, it's downhill to the finish line and for added funnyness, they threw in a twist, .,.. you have to cross the finish line backwards.

Folks came from all over and there were a few veteran contestants that you could tell have experience with this kind of fierce competition.

The rodeo clown had a couple of close encounters with the bucking inner tube but I think he managed to escape with only a scape or 2.

After the competition you can head back to the Izaak Walton Inn where you can enjoyed lunch in the dining room surrounded once again by artifacts from the old railroad days, dating back to it's arrival in Essex. The inside is like a cool museum of railroad stuff from yesteryear. Definitely a good place to stop if your ever in the neighborhood!

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