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"One day I went out fishing, with rod and reel and flies,
But I caught more than fish that day--I caught the bluest skies.
And I caught the golden sunbeams as they were streaming through
The branches of the willows, to kiss the drops of dew.
Bluebells on Whitefish Mountain
Of course I caught some beauties that I knew would taste so fine
When taken from the skillet in that cabin, small, of mine. 
Then I caught the winds a'singin', and I caught those wild-flowers sweet, 
As they cast a fragrance on the air while blooming at my feet...
Bear Grass Blooming on the Twin Falls Trail
...Yes, fishing is the grandest sport! I love it! So I do.
To be out in the open with nature kind and true.
And how I love to eat them--they make a dandy dish.
But whenever I go fishing, I catch something more than fish."

Excerpted from "A Day's Fishing," by Jim Whilt, ("Poet of the Rockies"), 1928.

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