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April 22nd 2016
Fishercap Lake, Glacier National Park

July 3rd 2015
Time for Babies in Montana

June 3rd 2015
Banff and Lake Louise

May 28th 2015
Discover Hidden Lake

May 22nd 2015
Kootenai Falls and Memorial Day

Oct 10th 2014
Growing Geese From Day 1

June 6th 2014
Discover the Southern Oregon Coast

March. 6th 2014
Our Generation
Backwards and Forwards

Jan. 7th 2014
River Frost

Nov. 29th 2013
Pictured Rock Tours

Nov. 8th 2013
Black River Trail

Sept 2nd 2013
Goats on the Farm Day One

August 2nd 2013
A Day's Fishing

July 26th 2013
Trail of the Cedars

July 19th 2013
Twin Falls

July 26th 2013
Hidden Lake Trail

July 19th 2013
Going To The Sun Road

May 3rd 2013
The Waterfalls

March 7th 2013
Evening Elk Visit

Feb. 8th 2013
Dressed For Winter

Jan. 4th 2013
Celebrate with Lights

DeerLake Video Archives

DeerLake Videos Lifting Spirits and Inspiring Lives

DeerLake is starting a new adventure, fun videos.
DeerLake videos will inspire you, and make you laugh.
About Glacier National Park, Montana, water falls, poems, and good family fun. Videos will include similar content to what you have always enjoyed here at DeerLake.
Steven will be giving a quick updates on a good news stories.
We will be reciting some poetry and sharing stories to a backdrop of beautiful videos and photos. All geared towards lifting spirits and inspiring lives.

It's all about fun here at Deerlake, so browse through our site and enjoy.

Toulouse Geese in Montana
Babies on the Farm and Random Thoughts

Moose In Fishercap Lake
Moose in Fishercap Lake

Discover Banff and Lake Louise
Banff and Lake Louise

Discover Hidden Lake

Coquille Lighthouse in Bandon Oregon
Discover the Southern Oregon Coast

Growing Geese

Our Generation Backwards,
Our Generation

Backward and Forward.

Hoar Frost on Flathead River
River Frost

Viewing Hoarfrost on Trees in the Flathead Valley

Hiking Black River Trail on the Upper Pennisula of Michigan
Black River Hike

Hiking Black River Trail on the Upper Pennisula of Michigan.

Pictured Rock Tours on the Lakeshore of Lake Superior
Pictured Rock Tours

Cruising the Lakeshore of Lake Superior of the Upper Pennisula of Michigan.

Hiking Hidden Lake Trail at the Top of Glacier National Park
Hidden Lake Hike

Hiking behind the Visitors Center on Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

Riding the Shuttle Bus in Glacier National Park
Enjoy the Going To The Sun Road
Riding the Shuttle Bus in Glacier National Park.

A Day with the Goats
A Day with the Baby Goats

Day one of having the goats on the Farm

Twin Falls in Glacier National Park
Enjoy the Twin Falls Video
In the Two Medicine Area of Glacier National Park.

Elk Visit
Evening Elk Visit

What to expect on a winter evening in Montana.

Waterfalls in Montana
Enjoy the Kootenai Falls, Swift Current Falls and Sacred Dancing Cascades.

Celebrate with Lights

Candle Lit Christmas Tree
and Dancing Lights

All Dressed Up For Winter
Dressed for Winter

Wildlife and Scenes of
Glacier National Park In the Winter

Mountain Goats in Glacier Park

Patriot Night

At NW Montana Fair with PRCA Rodeo

Autumn Color on Ashley Creek

Autumn Color
On Ashley Creek in Montana

Mountain Goats in Glacier Park

Fall In The Rocky Mountains

Traveling the Rocky Mountains in fall is quite an experience.

Sunrise in Montana
Sunrise in Montana

A typical day, waking up in Montana.

The Event at Rebecca Farm 2012
The Event at Rebecca Farm 2012

Enjoy the beauty as rider joins horse in athletic splendor.

Trail Of The Cedars in Glacier National Park
Trail of the Cedars

Glacier National Park

Shining Stars
Shining Stars
Dedicated to Our Mom

Deer In the Yard
Deer In The Yard

Two Medicine Lake and Mount Sinopah
Two Medicine Valley

Running Eagle Falls and Silver Staircase
in Glacier National Park
Simple Place Rainbow
A Simple Place In Time

Visiting Rainy Pass in Washington State

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